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Lipidshield Cholesterol Supplement

Lipidshield Reviews

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  • I just picked up this email, and want to say that I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with you on the phone today. The mix-up was all mine, and I’m sorry for the extra work I made for you. At least we caught it in time, and I now know how it all happened. With the 12 bottles I ordered from you and the 6 bottles I had forgotten I had ordered through Amazon, I figure I have enough Heart Savior to last me till Christmas, 2021! Better too much than not enough. It’s made a world of difference in my cholesterol readings, and you are a part of that improved health I enjoy.

    Heart Savior
  • Several months ago I found your product on the Internet as I am allergic to all Statin drugs. I changed my diet to vegetarian and began taking Heart Savior.

    My labs on 9/04/08 showed: Cholesterol: 264 | Triglycerides: 86 | HDL Direct: 67 | LDL: 179

    Then the above was rechecked on 11/10/08 and showed Cholesterol: 236 | Triglycerides: 84 | HDL: 62 | LDL: 157

    Then here in India 01/15/09, I had my labs done and they showed: Cholesterol: 205.3 | Triglycerides: 79.9 | HDL Direct: 62 | LDL: 127.32 VLDL: 15.98 | LDL/HDL Ratio: 2.054 | Cholesterol/HDL Chol ratio: 3.311

    I am so grateful for your Heart Savior.

    L.W. India
    Heart Savior
  • I have battled with high cholesterol for 20 years. The Doctors put me on every statin available with little success. Eventually I developed muscle damage proven by blood tests. Both legs would tingle and go numb. I knew I could no longer take those medications. I have tried Zetia, Welchol, Niaspin and others that bypass the liver and work in the intestines. Then developed a rash over my entire body, again had to stop those meds. My cholesterol had risen to 415 with a low HDL and a high LDL. Exercising and diet alone, still, with little success. Fortunately, I found your product on-line. I took an entire bottle, 2 tabs twice a day and, along with diet and exercise, today my cholesterol is 259. I cannot tell you how excited I am! I have never believed testimonies on the I-net, but today, I could prove to you what happened after I took Heart Savior for 30 days. Thanks again,

    B. B. Potos, MO
    Heart Savior

    I am sending information regarding my blood stats on cholesterol after taking New Health Heart Savior ! I advised my doctor what I was going to do regarding Heart Savior in March 2017. I quit taking a statin March 1, 2017.. cholesterol was 211, HDL was 79..LDL was 95. A1C was 6.8 !

    As of August 1, 2017…Cholesterol was 203…HDL 74, LDL 80. A1C was 6.1…! (I am 81 years old and in good health, and better now ! I was concerned about the A1C. After watching an online series on Alzheimers, I find natural supplements are touted as extremely important for the health of the brain, and statins are not.!

    Thank you for putting together these supplements. I am telling my friends !

    Donna Klamm
    Heart Savior
  • I am writing you to express our most sincere thanksgiving for developing and providing your amazing LipidShield. My wife and I have both been taking Lipidshield for eleven(11) years with amazing results.

    Because of the success LipidShield has provided us, we are two of your most satisfied and avid customers. We had been taking LipidShield for five months and to our delight we had both to lower our total Cholesterol levels to the 150-160 mg/mL range without taking Lipitor or any other prescribed drug. Our physician was absolutely amazed, and we were exceptionally pleased.

    Philip Dowdle
  • I want to thank you for your product heart savior. Last year my cholesterol in 2016 was 314. I have been taking heart Savior since March of 2017. This month in September my cholesterol was down under 230 my bad cholesterol was down. All is not yet where it should be but I will continue taking your product thank you so much.

    Carol Butts
    Heart Savior
  • THANK YOU, THANK YOU !! I am a 60 year old active male in good health, except my cholesterol has been a little high for the past 5 years. On 11/04/08 my cholesterol was 224 and my LDLs were 157. I then started taking four of your HeartSavior pills each day, and now on 02/13/09 my cholesterol is 190 and my LDLs are 123 ! WOW was I pleased with the results. I give all the credit to your fantastic product, and I would heartily recommend it to anyone who needs to lower their cholesterol!

    R. H., Manchester, IA
    Heart Savior


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