The most awaited time of the year – New Year is just around. For sure most of you have got your plans ready for the new year eve. Indulging in rich spicy and whole lot of foods forms a part of any celebrations and new year is no exception.

So how do we enjoy the celebration and at the same time prevent cholesterol as well? If you are one among the group who are still in a dilemma then you need to check out this article. It explains about few of best ways to manage cholesterol during the new year.

While a certain amount of good cholesterol is required for the body. But when the bad cholesterol starts accumulating in the body in excess amount then it becomes a problem. It leads to a number of health issues. Apart from unhealthy food, leading a sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise are few among the major causes that lead to an increase in the cholesterol level. If left untreated this might lead to several other serious health issues, the most common being obesity and heart disease. Also, in certain cases it might turn fatal as well. Take a look at these five best ways to manage cholesterol during the new year.
1. Exercise:
After consuming rich food, one should not forget their daily routine exercise. Moderate exercise everyday helps to keep the cholesterol on check and prevent any excess cholesterol deposits in the body.
2. Fruits & Vegetables:

Rich in fibre , vitamins and minerals consumption of fruits and vegetables are good to keep cholesterol at bay. Include fruits and vegetables especially the green ones to prevent accumulation of cholesterol in the body.

3. Keep Aloof From Stress:
Stress is yet another factor that gives rise to cholesterol level in the body. Hence it is important to keep oneself away from stress in order to prevent excess cholesterol in the body.
4. Sleep:
A good night sleep is important to burn the cholesterol which otherwise gets deposited in the body giving rise to innumerable health problems.
5. Whole Grains:
Whole gains like brown rice, or even oatmeal are rich in fibre and other essential nutrients that are necessary to burn the cholesterol deposited in the body. Include whole grains in your daily diet.
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