New Health is a natural health supplement company founded in 2005 with its Corporate offices in Asheville, NC, USA. The company develops and markets natural products targeting health-specific conditions as an alternative to prescription drugs.

Prescription drugs can have adverse side effects because they are synthetically produced in a laboratory. The pharmaceutical companies’ clinical studies reveal this and you hear it in their commercials. Ingredients found in nature tend to be far less toxic and thereby cause fewer unwanted side effects.

New Health’s flagship product, Heart Savior was developed as an alternative to prescription statin drugs for people concerned about their cholesterol but wary of the dangerous side effects of prescription drugs. The product contains Coenzyme Q10, Red Yeast Rice, Policosanol, Niacin, Selenium, Guggulipid, and Plant Sterols and Stanols.

The company also offers an economy product, LipidShield Plus for the same consumer. LipidShield was introduced in 2005 and HeartSavior was introduced in 2007.

Tone DeTox is a natural supplement developed to promote weight loss, eliminate toxins and reduce constipation. The product contains Senna, Milk Thistle Extract, Enzyme Blend Cascara Sagrada and Raspberry Ketones.

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