Blood Sugar Affects Your Cholesterol

How Blood Sugar Affects Your Cholesterol Level

If there is any disease that has been lurking around in a majority of people’s lives at least in the past few decades, it has to be two of them: one being the problems of cholesterol and the other being the problem of rising or very low sugar levels in the body. Both of these health conditions have been affecting us, humans, irrespective of the age groups. Even teens and small kids have begun to fall prey to the problem of cholesterol and diabetes.

The funny fact but a serious fact about these two diseases is that both of these diseases are related to the normal mechanisms in the manner our body functions. It is also dependent on what we are feeding our body as well. So, we can, in general, conclude that both of these conditions are something that can be controlled by us. The answer to keeping both the cholesterol and blood sugar levels at healthy levels is to maintain a very healthy, balanced, and a very active lifestyle. So, all you couch potatoes beware! The lazier you get and the more attached you seem to be on your beloved couch, the more hopelessly the dangers towards your health are going to linger around you.

Many types of research have been conducted to study more about the problems that cause an imbalance in our blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels. And a majority of these researches talk about how blood sugar levels can easily affect the cholesterol levels in our body. This shows that if we eat healthily, exercise regularly, and ensure that our weight is under control—this will result in healthy levels of blood sugar in our bodies, therefore eliminating the risk of cholesterol problems. And to help you in achieving this easily, products like the Halki Diabetes Remedy will help a great deal. Let’s read on to know more about this.

What Is Cholesterol?

Another name of cholesterol would be blood fat. It is this blood fat that forms up the membrane of each cell in our bodies. Blood proteins called lipoproteins carry cholesterol along with them and it is these lipoproteins that are quantified when you are asked to undergo a cholesterol level blood test. So, there are two types of cholesterols:

Good cholesterol: It is known as HDL which stands for high-density lipoprotein. This usually helps to clear out the excess LDL from the blood.

Bad cholesterol: It is known as LDL which stands for low-density lipoprotein. It is bad because these can build upon our blood vessels if they are excess in levels and can cause cardiovascular health conditions as well.

LDL being labeled as bad cholesterol doesn’t mean that is isn’t required by our body. In fact, it very essential to our body, however, it should always be in balance and just sufficient.

High cholesterol or unhealthy levels of cholesterol can surface because of the following reasons:

– High carbohydrates diet
– High-calorie diet
– Smoking
– Obesity
– High consumption of alcohol
– Very little physical activity

What Is Diabetes?

Diabetes can be very easily regarded as one of the serious health issues that the millennials find themselves trapped. Most of us, when we are asked, “What is diabetes?” our response usually is “a sugar condition.” That is all we know. We fail to educate ourselves on what causes it and what it is capable of causing when it is not under control. For starters, let us term it this way that a diabetes condition occurs when your body’s blood glucose levels or let’s say blood sugar levels are higher. Let’s also understand the fact that it is the blood glucose that acts as the primary source of energy and from where does blood glucose come from? Well, it is got from the food that we eat. It is food alone that fuels our body to carry out our everyday functions. The pancreas in our body secretes a hormone called insulin which breaks the food that we eat into glucose and helps the glucose enter every cell in our body. The cells get energized, therefore, it’s right to conclude that glucose is the source of energy for our body!

Just like cholesterol, there are different types of diabetes as well:

Type 1 Diabetes: This is the type of diabetes condition where the body isn’t making insulin. This makes the immune system of the body act the good healthy cells of the body, it, in fact, destroys the cells present in the pancreas that are responsible to make insulin for the body. People who have this type of diabetes are required to take insulin every single day in order to stay alive.

Type 2 Diabetes: If you have this type of diabetes, your body isn’t making enough insulin or it is not able to use the insulin being produced in the body in the right manner. This form of diabetes is also considered as the most common form of diabetes.

Gestational Diabetes: This type of diabetes is usually developed when a woman is in her pregnancy stage. And in a majority of the gestational diabetes cases, the diabetic condition goes away as after the pregnant woman gives birth. However, one critical fact about gestational diabetes is that if you have had it and it has even gone. You still are exposed to higher chances of falling prey to the type 2 diabetes condition in the future.

The Connection Between Blood Sugar And Cholesterol

The intense levels of insulin if present in our bloodstream is connected to various health complications of which, cholesterol abnormalities are one. If you may ask what is the linking factor here between cholesterol and blood sugar levels in our body? The answer is insulin resistance, it is the condition when cells no longer respond or refuse to respond in an appropriate manner to the insulin hormone in the body. This makes the person develop a profile that has abnormal cholesterol story of low HDL (good cholesterol), high LDL (bad cholesterol), and high levels of triglycerides (1).

Now you might wonder, what’s the harm here, right? Well, if this cholesterol abnormality is left unattended, they might lead to the person developing serious cardiovascular diseases and even fall prey to a stroke. In short, heart health becomes abnormal as well!

After reading all of this, you would have understood one thing, that what we eat is what impacts our body, the impacts could be both—good or bad! This is true, isn’t it? People who have diabetes or fluctuating blood sugar levels need to be extremely weary about what they consume. They need to ensure that a balanced and healthy diet is being followed. Also, they need to ensure that the body is active as well. If you maintain a lazy lifestyle, your body will not burn fuel (food) to give you energy, right? Therefore, a good diet, healthy lifestyle, and weight management is very essential to stay away from high blood sugar problems which can lead to cholesterol abnormalities; which in turn leads to heart problems. So, you see, they are all connected to each other. And these days, a lot of dietary supplements are available like the blood sugar formula that will help you stay fit and healthy by maintaining healthy levels of blood sugar in your body. A remedy like the Halki Diabetes Remedy will help you achieve knowledge about good, healthy food and how one’s body can benefit from it. It also gives you a list of all the superfood ingredients, which when included in the diet will provide you with adequate nutrition that your body needs on an everyday basis. The remedy will also help your body detoxify, thereby eliminating toxins and reducing fat from the body. Such remedies will also help in creating a balance in the hormones of the body and this in return, improves the health of the body!

So, if you have also been wondering what to do about your high blood sugar levels which are affecting your cholesterol profiles as well, we recommend that you start using remedies like one. Ensure that you purchase them from the official websites only so that you don’t fall prey to duplicate products. A healthy living, a healthy body is the fruit of labor! Therefore, get going, and take this first step towards a healthy lifestyle by engaging in this. Stay safe and stay healthy!


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