Factors that can cause high cholesterol

There are many factors that can cause a person to have high cholesterol levels. Here are some of them:

Family history

Irrespective of whether you follow a healthy lifestyle or not, familial hypercholesterolaemia can run in a family and is an inherited condition.


Diet plays a major role in controlling your cholesterol levels. Limit or reduce the amount of bad saturated fats that you are consuming and opt for good- or unsaturated fats instead. This means cutting down on meat, eggs and dairy products and consuming more vegetables.


Engaging in regular physical activity can help to lower ‘bad cholesterol’ and raise ‘good cholesterol’. Try walking or cycling if you are unable to go to the gym.

Sex and age

A person’s sex as well as gender do play a role in their cholesterol levels. Cholesterol levels tend to rise as a person ages. Menopause often causes a woman’s cholesterol level to increase as well.


Maintaining a healthy weight can help you to keep your cholesterol levels in check as being overweight tends to increase your cholesterol level.


Stress can indirectly contribute to high cholesterol levels as many people tend to find consolation and comfort in consuming unhealthy foods. Similarly, many people tend to avoid exercising when experiencing stress.

Excessive alcohol

Drinking excessive quantities of alcohol can cause damage to your heart as well as liver. Seek help if you are having trouble controlling the amount that you are drinking.

Consult your doctor

Get your cholesterol levels checked by your doctor and ask him/her for advice on how your levels can be reduced if they are too high.

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