Cholesterol control: Reduce bad cholesterol, improve your heart health – check 5 tips

Keeping your cholesterol levels normal is very important for heart health. Here are some lifestyle changes that you should adopt to keep both  LDL (bad cholesterol) and HDL (good cholesterol) in control.

  • Working out for at least 20 minutes a day is essential to keep your cholesterol levels in check
  • Saturated fats and trans fats including processed meats, fried food, and baked foods contain bad fats that increase LDL (bad cholesterol) in the body
  • Stress hormones, Cortisol, and heart diseases are closely linked, so keep an eye on your stress levels

Cholesterol is an essential component of proper metabolic functioning in the body. It is necessary for producing hormones and for the flexibility of the cellular walls in the body. However, there are two kinds of cholesterol – LDL (bad cholesterol) and HDL (good cholesterol). Bad cholesterol along with triglycerides, another type of harmful fat, when increased in our body, stick to the walls of arteries, and damage our heart. This could happen as early as your 30s, depending on your lifestyle and dietary habits and the amount of stress you encounter every day. Although heart blockages are common due to ageing, it isn’t something you should have to worry about when you’re younger. Here are quick health tips to keep your heart pumping healthily.

1. Eat the right kind of fats

Saturated fats and trans fats including processed meats, fried food, and baked foods contain bad fats that increase LDL in the body. Ditch these for healthier alternatives, especially those cooked at home. Along with using healthier cooking oils such as olive oil, increase your intake of Omega-3-rich foods. Omega is well known to reduce triglycerides and LDL and increase HDL in the body. Almonds, ground flaxseeds, walnuts and omega 3 capsules are excellent sources of Omega 3 fatty acids.

Working out for at least 20 minutes a day is essential to keep your cholesterol levels in check. Increasing your physical activity and exercising can help your body convert extra calories into energy and not store them as fat deposits. When fat deposits increase, they become harmful and rather difficult for the body to mobilise, making you susceptible to heart attacks.

3. Take a Krill Oil rich Omega 3 supplement

The right kind of Omega-3 supplement is one that is quickly absorbed by the body. For instance, Omega-3 sourced from Antarctic Krill – a crustacean found in the pristine waters of Antarctica – reduces your cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

4. Reduce your smoking and alcohol consumption

Smoking directly impacts the way our body responds to cholesterol. Tobacco tar can store cholesterol in the arteries quicker, and quitting the habit has proven to show reverse positive effects. Too much of anything is not good, and so is the consumption of alcohol. It can put a lot of stress on your heart. It is advisable to drink in moderation so that you can avoid the build-up of cholesterol levels.

5. Reduce your cortisol levels: De-stress

De-stressing is pivotal to understanding that stress hormones, Cortisol, and heart diseases are closely linked. So, learn to sweat, not over the petty stuff. Try addressing the root cause of your stress and engage in yoga, meditation, music, or reading a book, to actively reduce your stress hormone levels in the blood.

When it comes to heart health, the most likely things that come to mind instantly are healthy eating and exercising. For someone to be in a heart-healthy range, it is crucial to have cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar in check every six months. In most cases, slight lifestyle changes can show outstanding results in your cholesterol levels. Still, feel free to consult with a doctor to take suggestions and medications to avoid complications in the long run.

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