Cholesterol HDL Ratio

Cholesterol Ratio

Know Your Numbers

Knowing your current Cholesterol ratio / status is important so that you know where you are starting. Many doctors recommend that you get tested to determine your cholesterol HDL ratio. Sometimes cholesterol ratios are measured as total cholesterol (LDL + HDL) over HDL cholesterol and sometimes they are measured as only LDL Cholesterol over HDL Cholesterol. In either case, a lower ratio relates to a lower risk of heart disease.

Cholesterol Numbers:

What’s Good, What’s Bad

Total cholesterol level

  • Below 200 is best.
  • 200 to 239 is borderline high.
  • 240 is very high with significantly increased risk of heart disease.

LDL cholesterol levels

  • Below 100 is ideal for people at risk of heart disease.
  • 100 to 129 is near optimal.
  • 130 to 159 is borderline high.
  • 160 is very high with significantly increased risk of heart disease.

HDL cholesterol levels

  • Below 40 means you’re at higher risk for heart disease.
  • 60 or higher greatly reduces your risk of heart disease.

Increasing HDL naturally

Increasing HDL cholesterol is a way to protect yourself from coronary, or arterial, disease. If you learn that your HDLLDL ratio is not where you would like it to be, then you must take steps to improve your cholesterol situation. Increasing HDL may protect you from such serious issues as:

Fortunately, there is a way to increase cholesterol’s good components naturally. Consider the breakthrough product developed under the name Lipid Shield. This product is a simple supplement made from all-natural ingredients that prevent the absorption of cholesterol’s bad components and improves the ratio of good to bad (HDL to LDL) cholesterol.

Increasing HDL cholesterol with simple steps

Increasing HDL cholesterol is not as difficult as you may think. After many years, researchers and medical doctors have been able to pack disease-fighting, natural dietary supplements with materials that encourage higher levels of HDLs. Now it’s up to you to do something to protect your heart and overall health with good nutrition, adequate exercise, and LipidShield Plus.

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