Circulatory Health

Heart disease in Americans has reached alarming levels. Some 65 million have high blood pressure. More than 7 million Americans have had a heart attack. Another 11 million have some other form of cardiovascular disease impacting their circulatory health and heart. Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States, and is increasingly becoming a serious health problem throughout the world.

The good news in all this sobering data is that 80%–90% of people who have coronary artery disease have at least one major controllable risk factor. A majority of these risk factors can be managed or completely eliminated and thereby decreasing the chance for serious heart problems and poor circulatory health. Unhealthy cholesterol levels can be reduced, and high blood pressure can be lowered through good nutrition, weight loss and exercise. The risk for ischemic stroke, a circulatory problem starving the brain of blood, can also be lowered. There are many steps that one can take to prevent hemorrhagic stroke, the form that results in bleeding in the brain.

Heart disease and circulatory problems can affect your emotional health. Your emotional health can affect your heart, your sexual relationship, and your zest for life.

There are many factors that contribute to heart and circulatory health, and much that we can do to prevent heart disease and stroke. Be proactive and take the steps necessary to reduce your risk of heart disease and circulatory health, and lead a long and healthy life. Start that exercise program today, modify your diet away from high fats and sugars and toward vegetables, lower fat poultry and fish. See your healthcare provider and get on a program today! You have the rest of your life to live so why not live it healthier, happier and longer. Your loved ones will appreciate it as much as you will enjoy it.

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