Crestor Side Effects

Serious Crestor side effects reported

Doctors have been prescribing statin drugs for a number of years. These drugs are viewed as highly effective at improving cholesterol control. However, it’s also become evident that when you compare statins to natural therapies, the statin drugs come with a seriously high risk. For example, Crestor side effects that have been widely reported include nausea, severe muscle weakness and fatigue, reduced kidney function, memory loss, and other serious problems.

Many doctors and patients have decided that resorting to this class of drugs should be the option only when nothing else seems to work. Fortunately, there has been a breakthrough in alternative, natural cholesterol-reducing supplements. The product available at is a leading supplement for this purpose. Lipid Shield carries a money-back guarantee and can reduce cholesterol by up to 50%. Read the information for yourself at

Protect yourself: compare statins

Even if you are not personally effected by Crestor side effects, it’s important that you learn about statin drugs generally before even considering them for yourself or a loved one. Study after study show the harmful consequences of these drugs, even at lower doses. Following years of research, Lipid Shield was developed as an alternative to prescription medication . It has not been associated with any of the drastic problems that become evident when you compare statins. If you are interested in lowering or controlling your cholesterol with an effective herbal supplement made from natural ingredients, then LipidShield is for you.

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