Dangers Of Lipitor

If you are facing the prospect of taking a prescription medication to control your health problems, you need to have full information about the dangers of Lipitor. This powerful drug, one of the “statin” drugs, has been shown to effectively reduce LDL cholesterol in the body. However, more Lipitor serious side effects are coming to light with each passing year. Among the most severe are liver malfunction and damage, muscle tenderness and weakness, and joint pain. Many other patients experience hair loss, constipation, dry or spotted skin, back pain, and a host of other ailments that they didn’t experience before the medication. You must think carefully and explore all alternatives before resorting to such risky drugs.

You can read much more on this topic and see one of the most advanced, breakthrough alternative remedies at LipidShield.com. We recommend careful reading of the facts presented there before you make any decisions regarding cholesterol and prescriptions drugs.

Lipitor serious side effects growing

Lipitor serious side effects have been gaining attention in the media, as well as the negative effects of Zocor, another popular statin drug. Year by year, the true consequences of these drugs are becoming known as patients experience additional or more severe outcomes. With so much remaining unknown, a sensible diet, adequate exercise, and all-natural supplements are a more logical approach to controlling cholesterol. Don’t take risks you don’t have to. Visit LipidShield.com today to see if it’s right for you.

Effects of Zocor just as troubling

Much like the dangers of Lipitor, more people are experiencing the unfortunate effects of Zocor. Patients complain of drastic loss of muscle strength, feelings of severe fatigue, and even noticeable personality changes. The supplement available at LipidShield.com has not been associated with any of these issues and may be the best choice for you. Read more at LipidShield.com, and place your order for convenient and quick home delivery.

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