Groundbreaking Weight Loss Product Gaining Momentum

New Health Corp Introduces a Groundbreaking Weight Loss Product

Sarasota Florida, 10th February 2014:New Health Corp has launched its latest health product ‘Ultimate Strength Yacon Root 1000’, 100% pure Yacon syrup is known for its properties to boost metabolism and thereby ensure weight loss. The proverbial yacon root is proven to have powerful medicinal properties that also help in reducing glucose levels in diabetics, high cholesterol as well as helping with kidney function and disorders related to the digestive system. Yacon is inherently high in prebiotics like insulin and fructooligosaccharides (FOS). FOS has the ability to avoid being broken down by enzymes in the human digestive system and thereby reach the colon without being digested. In other words yacon syrup is low in calories. Yacon’s FOS also helps feed beneficial bacteria in the colon. Several studies have linked these attributes for good bowel bacteria to enhance anti-inflammatory and immunity-boosting effects, and also increasing their numbers may help maintain a healthy weight.This innately powerful chemical compound disrupts the formation of fat and inhibits uptake of carbohydrates and thereby speeds up the human metabolic system.

New Health Corp aims to harness this unique medicinal property and has come up with its newest health product that comes as a boon to people who desire to lose weight the natural and effortless way. Ultimate Strength Yacon Root 1000is processed by extracting the juices whichare then filtered and evaporated in a chemical free manufacturing process Yacon root syrup extract is a sweet tasting syrup that might well be the new ‘metabolism game changer’. New Health Corp offers this product as a proven fat burner that focuses on reducing belly fat in particular. The natural appetite suppressants that are inherent in yacon syrup increase the results of losing body weight as there is decreased craving for food intake. This dual action property of this weight loss supplement introduced by New Health Corp makes it a more effective method to hasten weight loss.

New Health Corp offers the sale of this wonder diet pill for weight loss ‘Ultimate Strength Yacon Root 1000 and the same can be purchased online at their Amazon store. There is a limited time only, introductory 25% off coupon that can be used by online customers. Please use coupon code USYRNHC1 at Amazon checkout.

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New Health Corp. is a natural health supplement company founded in 2005 with its Corporate offices in Asheville, North Carolina, USA. The company develops and markets natural products targeting health-specific conditions as an alternative to prescription drugs.


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