Health tips: How to manage cholesterol naturally

Cholesterol is an essential component of our body but it is also considered as a villain. A wax like substance made by the liver, it plays an important role in the normal functioning of our system but only when it is in control. However, at times our bodies make more than we require and this surplus keeps circulating in the bloodstream.

High levels of cholesterol in the bloodstream can block the blood vessels and increase the possibility of heart diseases and stroke and Indians fall into the ‘high risk’ category. The question is, “How can we beat cholesterol naturally”? You just need to make a few changes in your lifestyle to lower “bad” LDL cholesterol and increase “good” HDL cholesterol for a healthy life.

Kanchan Naikawadi, preventive healthcare specialist, Indus Health Plus, Delhi tells us how:

Olive oil: Olive oil contains antioxidants that can bring down LDL cholesterol without moving the HDL cholesterol level. Consuming about two tablespoons (about 23 grams) of olive oil a day gives tremendous heart-health benefits.

Omega 3: Omega 3 fatty acids increase HDL. Rich source of Omega 3 is found in fish, flaxseeds, nuts and almonds.

Garlic: The ingredient which adds flavour to our food also adds flavour to our health. It lowers cholesterol, prevent blood clots, reduce blood pressure, and protects against infections. Consume two to four fresh cloves a day.

Tea: Black tea is a great defense against LDL cholesterol levels. It is advised to have one cup of black tea daily.

Physical activity: Physical activity helps you control your weight, thereby, reducing your chances of developing conditions that may put a strain on your heart, like high blood pressure and diabetes. It also reduces stress, which is a major factor in heart disease. 30 minutes of exercise is all you need to keep it at bay.



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