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An initial offering is being made for those trying Heart Savior for the first time. The informational video can be seen at http://heartsavior.com/secret-offer/ now. The video gives basic information about the causes of high cholesterol and describes the ingredients that form the all-natural supplement that serves as an alternative to statin medication.


New Health Corp, Provider Of Natural Health Supplements, Offers New Healthy Cholesterol Alternative

PRESS RELEASE: Sarasota, FL, 21-JUNE-2012 – New Health Corp, maker of Heart Savior natural alternative to cholesterol, is pleased to offer an all-natural supplement that fights against high cholesterol levels without the need for the side effects that can occur with prescription drugs. The product known as Heart Savior addresses all five of the ways that cholesterol builds up in the human body. Achieving Healthy Cholesterol – Natural Alternative through Heart Savior is easy and convenient.

A double blind clinical study has confirmed the amazing results of this proprietary blend of coenzyme Q10(CoQ10), plant sterols and plant stanols, policosanol, guggul, red yeast rice, selenomethionine, inositol, and hexanicotinate. The ingredient list is precisely targeted against specific cholesterol causes, but equally important is the proportion of the natural ingredients.

The supplement stops the formation of cholesterol in the liver and blocks the absorption of cholesterol in foods. Good cholesterol is boosted, while the LDL and triglycerides are lowered. The health of the heart is promoted to block the build up of cholesterol there. The company is so sure about the quality of the product that a 90-day money back guarantee is offered.

Learn more about cholesterol and how Heart Savior offers an all natural alternative to medications by visiting the web pages at http://heartsavior.com/secret-offer/ today. Members of the press and others who have additional questions about the contents of this press release can find contact information below.

Company Name: New Health Corp

Address: 7345 International Place, Unit 101, Sarasota FL 34240

Contact Telephone Number: (877) 263-3555

Contact Fax Number: (321) 773-3484

Email Address: support@LipidShield.com

Website: http://heartsavior.com

Summary: New Health Corp, maker of Heart Savior natural alternative to cholesterol, offers a route to healthy cholesterol – natural alternative in a supplement that fights against high cholesterol levels. None of the side effect that go with statin medications are found in the supplement.

For a complete list of ingredients and customer testimonials, visit http://heartsavior.com for more information.

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