Natural health supplement for healthy cholesterol

Clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of the claims made by Heart Savior.

 New Health Corp, Provider Of Natural Health Supplements, Offers Safe Cholesterol Lowering Alternatives

PRESS RELEASE: Sarasota, FL, 16-DEC-2012 – New Health Corp, maker of Heart Savior, is pleased to announce the availability of natural health supplements for a healthy cholesterol – natural alternative to medication. The significance of cholesterol in the level of wellness has been more extensively studied in recent times. Natural alternatives to chemical drugs for the purpose of cholesterol reduction are safer and equally effective measures to medications.

Heart Savior, a natural supplement produced by the company is a balanced blend of ingredients proven to reduce the level of cholesterol in the human circulatory system. The website at makes available an explanatory video to explain how the ingredients are successful in providing a healthy cholesterol – natural alternative to medication.

According to a spokesman for the website speaking in a recent interview, “The formulation of ingredients is specifically proved to boost good cholesterol production and stop the formation of cholesterol in the liver. Ingredients also block absorption of cholesterol and lower LDL triglycerides. There is a guarantee placed on the results. Customers are able to order the product, knowing that satisfaction is guaranteed.”

Instead of depending on the class of drugs known as statins, customers can choose natural ingredients. Clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of the claims made by Heart Savior. Some of the ingredients, all natural, include guggul, CoQ10, plant stanols and sterols, selenomethionine, hexanicotinate, inositol, policosanol and red yeast rice. These are not unknown ingredients, but the way in which they are blended is proprietary.

Learn more about the successful use of a healthy cholesterol – natural alternative for heart health by visiting the web pages at today. Members of the press and others who have further questions about the contents of this press release are encouraged to make use of contact information below.

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Summary: New Health Corp, makers of Heart Savior natural alternative to cholesterol medications offers natural ingredients in a proprietary blend. The guarantee of customer satisfaction and clinical studies reinforce the validity of company claims.

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