New Health Corp Offers Heart Healthy Natural Supplements To …

New Health Corp Offers Heart Healthy Natural Supplements To Help Lower Cholesterol Naturally

PRESS RELEASE: Sarasota, FL, 24-FEB-2013 – New Health Corp., maker of Heart Savior, is pleased to announce that there is no need to suffer the dangers of high cholesterol, or to rely on medication over a lengthy period. Studies have shown that heart healthy natural supplements are effective in reducing dangerous cholesterol levels without requiring the use of drugs and chemicals. The specific product is Heart Savior, a natural supplement.

Heart healthy natural supplements produced by Heart Savior is a balanced package of ingredients known to lower the level of cholesterol found in the circulatory system. By visiting the website at readers can see a video with explanations about the various ingredients and how they work together to improve the level of cholesterol without the need for medication.

A spokesperson for the website spoke about the product, “We encourage visitors to check out the embedded video, to see the types of natural ingredients which are helpful against the symptoms of cholesterol. The ingredients fight the buildup of cholesterol in the bloodstream and in the liver. The product is also known to lower LDL triglycerides and block cholesterol absorption. There is a guarantee of satisfaction.”

Traditional medicine depends on the drug class called statins. Instead, natural ingredients are used in Heart Savior products. Some of the natural ingredients include CoQ10, guggul, selenomethionine, plant stanols and sterols, inositol, hexanicotinate, red yeast rice and policosanol. These ingredients are blended in a proprietary way to promote health.

Learn more details about heart healthy natural supplements by checking out the website at today. Members of the press and others who need additional information regarding the content of this press notice are urged to make use of contact information below.

Company Name: New Health Corp.

Address: 7345 International Place, Unit 101, Sarasota, FL 34240

Contact Telephone Number: (877) 263-3555

Contact Fax Number: (321) 773-3484

Email Address:


Summary: New Health Corp., maker of Heart Savior, provides healthy and effective products to care for individuals who have high cholesterol levels. The natural ingredients are safe and easy to use.

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