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New Health Corp. Provider Of Natural Health Supplements To Make Lowering Your Cholesterol Easier

PRESS RELEASE: Sarasota, FL, 18-SEPT-2012 – New Health Corp, makers of Heart Savior natural alternative to cholesterol is pleased to offer a supplement for healthy cholesterol – natural alternative that can be part of a plan for holistic wellness. The supplement eliminates the elevated cholesterol levels associated with poor eating habits. No unpleasant side effects are incurred, as can happen with chemical prescription substances.

The specific product is Heart Savior. It affects cholesterol build ups in the human body in several ways. To make the offering even more attractive to first-time users, the company includes access to an informational presentation which can be found at now. By viewing the video, customers can get details about many of the contributing factors leading to high cholesterol.

The supplement has a series of ingredients proven effective in a scientifically sound clinical study. The ingredients are all natural and are an effective alternative to the class of medications known as statins. The ingredient list is extensive, and includes a proprietary blend of hexanicotinate, inositol, selenomethionine, red yeast rice, guggul, policosanol, plant stanols, plant sterols and CoQ10. The blend is produced in the exact proportion of ingredients that is most helpful in a healthy cholesterol – natural alternative.

Formation of liver cholesterol formation is stopped. The supplement blocks absorption of cholesteron. The supplement boosts the formation of good cholesterol and lowers LDL triglycerides. The company believes strongly in the proven benefits of the product, so much so that they offer a 90-day money back guarantee.

Learn more about the benefits of the all-natural supplement by visiting the web pages at today. Members of the press and others who have additional questions about the contents of this press release can find contact information below.

Company Name: New Health Corp

Address: 7345 International Place, Unit 101, Sarasota FL 34240

Contact Telephone Number: (877) 263-3555

Contact Fax Number: (321) 773-3484

Email Address:


Summary: New Health Corp, makers of Heart Savior natural alternative to cholesterol medications offers safe and effective solutions to many of the common symptoms associated with high cholesterol. The supplement is non-chemical and has no side effects.

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