Triglycerides – How to Lower your Triglycerides Levels

Maintaining a lower triglycerides level is an important step in protecting yourself against the damage that cholesterol and other fatty substances can cause. The supplement available at contains a proprietary blend of natural ingredients shown to decrease the triglyceride amounts carried in the bloodstream. By carefully studying the interplay of lipids and sterols, the creators of Lipid Shield have been able to refine this remarkable product into a disease-fighting powerhouse.

Proven benefits of red yeast rice

You may not be familiar with the many benefits of red yeast rice, but it has been used throughout the ages to promote circulation, invigorate vital organs, and treat various ills. Now, scientific research has shown that it can contribute to a lower triglycerides level as well. One study showed that people who took this substance during the trial period experienced a 34% decrease in triglyceride! This is just one of the strategic ingredients found in LipidShield.

 Role of lipids and sterols

 Your body needs certain fats, also known as lipids, and sterols to function. The problem is that these substances are found in the wrong levels in many people, due partly to the diet and lifestyle of most Americans. Lipid Shield is an all-natural way to control your cholesterol levels. With the benefits of red yeast rice and plant sterol material, this supplement helps you drive down LDL and triglyceride levels and improve your overall HDL-LDL ratio.

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