Dangers of high cholesterol

Doctors from Germany have warned that high cholesterol can lead to serious heart problems. Therefore it is very important to be tested for the relevant plan.

If the rate of so-called “bad” cholesterol is too high constantly, this can lead to deposition in the blood vessels and therefore to the development of atherosclerosis, which increases the risk of heart attack and stroke. Thus, the German society for the fight against dyslipidemia and its consequences (DGFF) calls to measure the level of cholesterol. Statistics show that one of the key reasons for these conditions is impaired fat metabolism.

There are other risk factors such as diabetes, Smoking, high blood pressure, lack of exercise and overweight, which exacerbates the situation. While cholesterol itself is not harmful. Rather, it refers to the main substance of the human body and is an integral part of all human tissue.

If the levels of LDL cholesterol are too high, you may need medication, but not always necessary. Even healthy lifestyle is enough to solve the problem. Measures include a diet low in fat of meat, sausages and cheese, as well as minimizing sugar consumption. In the list of recommended foods: vegetables, whole grains, fruits and fish, nuts and oils such as Flaxseed, olive and canola. In addition, an adequate amount of exercise reduces the level of cholesterol.

Source: https://galpost.com/doctors-warn-about-the-dangers-of-high-cholesterol/15432/

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