High Cholesterol Symptoms: Skin allergy, acne to itchy face; know warning signs on your body

High Cholesterol Symptoms: Due to poor lifestyle and eating habits, cholesterol problems have become very common in people. While many people think that high cholesterol is not dangerous, it is a serious problem that can lead to many diseases if not taken care of at the right time. If your cholesterol level is high, then you may suffer from many heart diseases. When your cholesterol level increases, it has a direct effect on your skin as well, which people mostly ignore.

Here are some warning signs your skin shows when your cholesterol level increases. Have a look-

Skin color changes

If you suffer from high cholesterol, the color of your skin starts changing. It starts to darken slightly and small pimples start appearing around the eyes. If you are also seeing these changes in your skin, then contact the doctor immediately.

Itchy face

If you feel itching on your face for a long time and the problem remains for some time, check your cholesterol levels and cosult a doctor. Excessive itching on the face and redness are considered symptoms of high cholesterol.

Acne on the skin

Due to the increase in cholesterol, small pimples start appearing on the face. Along with this, small red-colored grains start coming out around the eyes and nose.

Heat rash or sweat rash

When the cholesterol level in the body increases, the problem of heat rash (ghamoriyan) is caused on the face. But some people ignore it as normal sweat rash. Doing so can turn out to be harmful for you. Although heat rash on the face can be due to many reasons, the main reason for this is also high cholesterol.



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