Importance of Omega Fish Oil Supplements

Fish oil supplements contain essential fatty acids (lipids) that are particularly found in cold water fish. Omega 3 can also be obtained from other marine life like phytoplankton which is an excellent source of long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (LCPUFA) of the n-3 (omega-3) type. The health benefits that come from omega 3 fatty acids are simply astounding – so much so that both conventional and alternative medicine agree, which is something that rarely occurs. High dosage of fish oil can improve a person’s physical performance, prevent heart disease, make someone smarter and thinner; helps reduce pain and inflammation, helps in reversing cancer as well as the aging process, and treating neurological diseases.

Omega 3 Fish oils may also be useful for those suffering from asthma, bipolar disorder, depression, heart attack and schizophrenia. It may also help with kidney, lupus, psoriasis, ulcerative colitis and Raynaud’s disease. Additionally, it may be useful for atherosclerosis, breast-feeding support, cardiac arrhythmia, cystic fibrosis, eczema, pre- and post-surgery health and sickle cell anemia.

Fish oil is also thought to be valuable to the immune function especially for seriously ill patients and those suffering post surgery. It may also be of use to those suffering from osteoporosis by combining it with evening primrose oil. It might also be helpful to those with phenylketonuria which occurs if the person is deficient in polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Fish oil supplement also contain the 20 carbon eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) which is the key fat for health and the 22-carbon docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) which is the key fat for the brain. DHA helps build the neural tissue while the EPA helps alleviate constricted blood vessels, increase cell division, dilate blood vessels, enhance the immune system, improve brain function and reduce pain.

EPA also promotes cell division, moderate pain and blood clots so that a person does not to bleed to death. It also prevents Alzhemir’s disease, arthritis, cancer, chronic infection, depression, heart attack, hypertension and stroke.

Despite the numerous benefits that one can attain from omega 3 fatty acids, many health experts believe that it is one of the most important nutrients missing in a person’s diet. Researchers cite this as one of the reasons why there are so many who suffer from cancer, brain disorders and heart diseases.

It is no wonder there are numerous fish oil supplements that are now being marketed to help combat diseases and prevent ailments. One of the more popular brands of fish oil supplements would be Omega 1000EC which is endorsed by experts. Omega 1200EC is ultra high potency with 600mg EPA and 400mg DHA, it is enteric coated and is molecularly distilled to remove impurities. High doses of EPA and DHA found in Omega 3 fish oil supplements are believed to address health issues including blood pressure, memory loss, bone density loss, burns, high cholesterol, colon cancer, depression, diabetes, eating disorders, heart disease, menstrual pain, skin problems, vision problems, weight loss and attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). In short, fish oil supplements are believed to offer numerous health benefits for today’s most common health concerns.

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