Statin risk may outweigh benefits

Why do statins cause muscle pain?

Recent scientific studies try to explain the reason statins cause such severe muscle pain, fatigue, even rhabdomyolysis. The problem may lie with the gene atrogin-1.

Atrogin-1 is turned on at the beginning stages of muscle wasting, a debilitating process associated with illnesses such as cancer, sepsis, and AIDS.

Scientists at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center gave a statin to cultured muscle cells, zebra fish, and humans. Humans taking the statin had higher levels of atrogin-1. Increased statin dosage in the zebra fish resulted in greater likelihood of muscle damage. When atrogin-1 was removed from the cell cultures, the drug did not cause muscle damage.

Hanai JI, Cao P, Tanksale P, et al. The muscle-specific ubiquitin ligase atrogin-1/MAFbx mediates statin-induced muscle toxicity. J Clin Invest. 117(12):3940-3951.

A more common theory is that the relationship of statins with CoQ10 depletion. CoQ10 is necessary for proper cell function, particularly muscles and major organs like the heart and brain. Statin induced CoQ10 deficiency puts your overall health at risk, most specifically, your cardiovascular health.

Other reported side effects of statins include memory loss, liver damage, and neuropathy.

There’s a better way

In a major scientific breakthrough that could have a life-changing affect on millions of Americans, board certified heart surgeon, Dr. Carlson, has discovered a rare combination of herbs that can actually decrease cholesterol, one of the leading factors in stroke and heart attacks. “This is truly a revolutionary formula because it addresses three very important objectives: it promotes a dramatic change in the way your body produces cholesterol, how it blocks the absorption of cholesterol from food, and the oxidation of cholesterol in your blood” he said.

Dr. Carlson became concerned “when many of my patients taking prescription medications, known as statins, were experiencing serious adverse side effects.” So he decided to launch an investigation into alternatives that did not have these harmful side effects. But, he added, “I wanted to not only lower cholesterol but to address cardiovascular disease more comprehensively.”

Cholesterol drops 50%

“I just had my cholesterol checked after 60 days of Heart Savior,” Ms. Denisulk of New York brags, “and it has extremely reduced! My last test showed total 256 and now it is down to 180. Even my doctor couldn’t believe it!”

This unique combination of ingredients has been clinically proven with spectacular results. LDL or “bad” cholesterol dropped up to 34% in only 8 weeks. VLDL or “very bad” cholesterol dropped by up to an astonishing 71% and triglycerides dropped up to 76%, all while improving circulatory health.Best of all, there are none of the dangerous side effects of prescription statin drugs with this formulation. “No memory loss, no muscle pain or weakness, no cognitive decline,” says Dr. Carlson. Clinically proven ingredient combination, “Heart Savior, works both in your liver and your digestive tract where it naturally puts your body back in a healthy cholesterol and cardiovascular balance. Results are seen in as little as 30 days and improvement will continue thereafter.”

A healthier heart in 30 days

Dr. Carlson says that “all the toxins, prescription drugs, environmental and dietary influences often zap enzymes essential to basic cell functioning. We’ve included CoQ10, essential for major organs like the heart to function at peak efficiency. As a result, your heart begins to be replenished with new cells that actually begin to reverse the aging process within as little as 30 to 60 days.”

But that’s not all. CoQ10 is only one of seven powerful nutrients that address the entirety of cardiovascular health when combined with a diet low in cholesterol, saturated fats and exercise.

Premium ingredients

Dr. Carlson made certain that only the purest, most powerful and effective ingredient specifications would produce the results he was seeking. He painstakingly selected the best ingredient sources available. This has made all the difference in Heart Savior and how effectively it works.

Tim B. of Cocounut Creek, FL brags, “Before taking Heart Savior, my cholesterol was 416, but after a few weeks, my cholesterol dropped to 360. Now after two months, my cholesterols is 195. I’m amazed at the results,” says Tim.B of Coconut Creek, FL.

Gary B of Michigan confirms, “Heart Savior reduced my cholesterol 161 points in 11 weeks!”

Safe & well-tolerated

Heart Savior is manufactured using only premium, pharmaceutical grade ingredients in FDA registered and inspected facilities in compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices.

To naturally lower your cholesterol levels, decrease artery inflammation and feel younger without harmful side effects, Heart Savior is an excellent option

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