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Cholesterol is an organic molecule found in our blood cells. It is essential to improve cholesterol level otherwise it may prove hazardous for heart diseases. As you can birth fatty deposits in your blood vessels with high cholesterol. With the increasing level of developed deposits can make difficult to enough flow for blood in your body. Ultimately, these problems can cause a heart attack or stroke if it breaks suddenly. It is one of the main reason behind the weight problems in Youth.

However, cholesterol level increases by age, so doctors recommended controlling cholesterol level earlier before growing age. Otherwise, it may hardly to treat in adulthood.

Risk Factors of High Cholesterol

You must emphasize on:

Weak Diet: Your heart in the verge of getting ill if you are unaware about your diet. You must know the cholesterol level of such meals you are getting in your routines. Such as some commercially baked cookies and crackers, microwave popcorn, full-fat dairy products, red meat contains a high range of cholesterol level. So, you should eat them with having limitations if you can not avoid it permanently.

Lack Of Exercise: Exercise can boost your high-density lipoproteins or good cholesterol. So, maintain a healthy weight and always try to avoid food with high saturated fats and excess calories in general. Eventually, you’ll find low-density lipoproteins in your body which is most harmful.

Obesity: Today near about 30% or 2.1billion world’s population are overweight or obese. In fact, 3 million people are dies because of obesity.

Smoking: people who smoke are facing a high range of cholesterol problems each and every day as it directly tends to attacks your blood vessels and breaks the deposits.

Age: The risk of cholesterol gets high according to the age difference and your liver less capable to manage to discard LDL (low-density lipoproteins) with climbing age.

How to prevent cholesterol

Cholesterol is generally made in your liver system which helps to keep the walls of your cells flexible. However, raising cholesterol or cholesterol in the wrong places can cause more problems in your body.

Thus, HDL( high-density lipoproteins) helps you to carry cholesterol at bay from the vessel walls and prevent to create diseases. Look at some natural reviews to increase HDL or good cholesterol and remove LDL( low-density lipoproteins).

  • Exercise is one of the most effective weapons to maintain the cholesterol level in from the blood vessels.
  • Try to quit smoking.
  • Don’t eat a high quantity of salt in meals instead just emphasizes on fruits vegetables and whole grains.
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Drink red wine occasionally.
  • Control your stress.

Food You Should Eat To Lower Your Cholesterol Level

Today, surged cholesterol is estimated to cause 2.6 millions of death in the world. This ratio may have raised due to a poor diet. Thus, just follow the given suggestion on your screen that what should you eat to improve HDL.


Try to add almonds in your diet as it is an exceptionally nutrient-dense snack. Moreover, nuts are rich in plant variety of omega-3 fatty acid. Walnuts contain a lot of magnesium, potassium and calcium which may reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack. Every fitness lover adds Nuts to their diet.


Legumes are also known as pulses and group of plants including peas, beans and lentils.  A study demonstrated that eating ½ spoon legumes per day is effective on bad LDL cholesterol by an average of 6.5 mg as compared to non-eating pulses.


Vegetables are part of our healthy diet, we get it from the lap of nature. It contains a lot of fibre & antioxidants which makes efficiency to fight with low-density lipoproteins. Some of the vegetables gifted with pectin like eggplants, potatoes, carrot, okra.

However, pectin-rich fruits include orange and apples. Thus, veggies and raw veggies are rich in antioxidants and fibre and low in calories tend to make you a healthy heart.


Garlic is an ingredient used in cooking and also used as a medicine. Majority of people does not love to consume in their diet due to unbear smell. But it is really effective if you swallow a clove with lukewarm water and have better results.

Furthermore, it has proven by an experiment that garlic helps to lower blood pressure and may assist you to reduce the risk of LDL.

Fruits and Berries

We all know the value of fruits as they are almost indispensable for our well-being. Good health is potential to develop a good personality thus it is crucial to becoming health conscious.

In addition to it, many types of food are rich in soluble fibre which helps in lower cholesterol level up to 10%. It is found in fruits such as oranges, apples, grapes, strawberries, citrus fruits etc.


Soy foods are kind of legumes that may improve your blood pressure and may beneficial for heart health. There are some positive results studded by some researchers that soy foods can reduce your heart risks especially in folks who are suffering from a high range of cholesterols.

Cholesterol Food You Should Avoid

Here I am going to recommend you to stay away from some diets which may introduce high cholesterol in blood vessels.

Fried Foods. 

Don’t consume food with deeply fried like cheese sticks, meat which lead to birth obese & diabetes and obviously. So, don’t introduce yourself with bad “LDL” and try to avoid them whenever possible.


“Everything is bad in excess”. So, I suggest you have limitations in sweets like ice-creams, cake, pastries and other sweet foods can have not only bad impact on your cholesterol but also can be effected for your overall health and lead to weight gain.

Additionally, this food definitely tends to make deprived you of nutrients your body need to thrive included vitamins, fat, Minerals.

Researchers have found some causes like obesity, blood sugar, cognitive decline, cancers due to intake food added sugar.

Fast Food

Sadly, fast food has become a particular choice especially for youngsters due to excess consumption. According to the estimated calculation around 34.3% of children and adolescents ages, 2 to 19 eat fast food.

To be precise, fast food has become a matter of grave concern so, important to take action suddenly. Moreover, the majority of a generation tend to ill just because of the effects of excess fast food consumptions. Eventually, eating unhealthy food have cropped up many diseases even if you made more junk food at home. Besides, if you continue to eat this food, one day, you might suffer from Food Poisoning.

Processed Meats

Processed meats like hot dogs, sausages and bacon are high cholesterol food should be avoided.

High processed meats generally introduced with long-term diseases like heart diseases and colon cancer.

Final Words

At the end of the day, I recommended you to follow these suggestions that would be fruitful for you to maintain your cholesterol level. Still, if you have any query about any particular point then let me know in the comment section.




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