June is National Safety Month and a great time to rethink your drink. Energy drinks are the most popular dietary supplement next to multivitamins and could have some serious health effects if not consumed responsibly. There are more than 500 energy drink products on the market and they are being marketed to our youth. Emergency room visits by young people in connection with energy drinks are on the rise, so what can we do?

Before you grab one of these calorie-dense concoctions take a moment to evaluate what you’re really consuming and if it’s in your best interest to consume on a regular basis.

Caffeine is the main ingredient in energy drinks and depending on the product, each serving may contain up to 500 mg of caffeine (equivalent to 4 or 5 cups of coffee). The source of caffeine may make a difference since some forms like coffee, tea, chocolate and yerba mate are naturally occurring while sodas and energy drinks contain synthetic caffeine. Check food labels and be informed on the amount you’re consuming throughout the day from different sources. You may be surprised.

Energy drinks also contain other additives like guarana (another form of caffeine), taurine, ginseng and carnitine. There may be unintended drug interactions from drinking these types of beverages so caution is warranted. Many of these additives are not regulated by the FDA and little is known about their synergistic effects when combined with caffeine or other drugs.

Mixing energy drinks with alcohol is especially dangerous so be mindful with your libations. Nearly half of all emergency room visits that involved energy drinks were a combination of energy drinks with alcohol/drugs. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) allows for the addition of caffeine into alcoholic beverages at up to 200 ppm (.2 mg/ml ) as a flavoring ingredient, which they consider safe when consumed as intended. The FDA is looking into the safety and legality of various alcoholic energy drinks.

Too much caffeine is associated with:

• Irregular heartbeat

• Anxiety

• Sleep problems

• Headaches

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