Which Natural Cholesterol Lowering Foods Are Worth Having?

Natural Cholesterol Lowering Foods – Many people have limited knowledge when it comes to the good and bad of certain foods.  For instance we know saturated fat is bad for us, and eating too much of it can be bad when we want to stay healthy.  On the other hand there are plenty of foods that have natural cholesterol lowering properties.  But it’s not necessarily the foods themselves that are good for this – it’s what they have inside them.  And most of the time you cannot see the good part of them at all.

For example niacin has been seen to lower the levels of the dangerous kind of cholesterol in your blood.  This is called LDL cholesterol, or low density lipoprotein.  But niacin also does you another favor – it also supports the good cholesterol HDL, or high density lipoprotein.  This double whammy effect is why it is worth building foods into your diet that contain niacin.  Think about things like liver and kidneys for example, as well as oily fish (commonly known to be good for the heart) and also lean meats of all kinds.

But it isn’t just niacin rich foods you should be eating.  We all know that getting our regular dose of fruit and vegetables each day is good for us.  But part of the reason for this is that they contain plant sterols and stanols.  These have also been indicated to play a strong role in reducing the bad cholesterol and helping the good stuff to survive.

Pretty much any fruits and vegetables you eat will be good for you in creating a healthier diet.  Go for five portions a day as a minimum.  Don’t worry if that sounds like a lot – if you look up portion sizes online you’ll find they are quite small.  You can also introduce more bran and cereals; in fact many manufacturers actually add more stanols and sterols to foods like this too.  You’ll see them as fortified cereals so check out the packaging more closely to see which ones to buy.

It is sometimes the case though that you cannot get the highest dosage of these ingredients simply by eating a healthy diet featuring all these items.  On some occasions you can get even better results by taking a supplement as well.  These are designed to help you with your natural cholesterol lowering efforts.

For instance a supplement may contain niacin in a higher concentration than you would get if you were to simply eat foods containing niacin.  While it is still preferable to eat those foods you can get a much needed boost from taking a supplement on a daily basis as well.  And since these supplements generally contain a number of other cholesterol fighting ingredients too, such as coenzyme Q10 and policosanol, you can enjoy multiple benefits from taking care of your heart and circulatory system like this.

So you can see that natural cholesterol lowering efforts can give you excellent results and are preferable in many cases to taking medication.

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