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281 reviews for Morning Buzz Amazon Reviews

  1. Feliza Clay

    Made a believer out of me! I used to purchase Spark regularly but it was starting to hurt my wallet. I spent a lot of time comparing all the nutrition facts and going over all the reviews, so I thought I’d try this as an alternative thinking it wouldn’t kill me if I didn’t get the same results. I was pleasantly surprised! The orange flavor is super refreshing. It doesn’t at all have that vitamin-ee after taste. I find myself only needing one scoop for 20 oz of water and it’s still gives me enough sweetness also. I won’t go back to the pricy alternative.

  2. Aeonlapp

    Nice taste and comparable to Spark. I use Advocate Spark but wanted something a little cheaper in price. While researching which product are comparable this product came up. I wish they had other flavors besides fruit punch (never been a huge fan of FP). It did taste pretty good and it gave me some energy. The stats are really close to spark. I would probably buy again.

  3. Carolyn

    The Best! I used to be an a avid Spark drinker until I came upon Morning Buzz. I was an Amazon about to purchase Spark, but saw the reviews for Morning Buzz and decided to try it out. I’m so glad I did! Not only is it way cheaper, but it works so much better! It also taste a lot better too! The owner Gary also followed up with an email to see if I received it. Great customer servto! I’ve found my new favorite pick me upper! Just like the canister states no jitters and definitely no crash!

  4. Nanette Wolf

    Love this Sports Energy Drink. I was a previous Advocare Spark person before I saw Morning Buzz and read the reviews. I tried it and love it! It’s so much better than Spark. Besides being half the price, it mixes better, tastes better and gives me the energy I need to get moving in the morning. I haven’t been jittery and have not had any problems sleeping at night. I look forward to my daily Morning Buzz!

  5. PieAndPoirot

    Great taste, pretty good performance. The taste is superior to Spark, but the affect (how my body feels/energy) is slightly inferior. For the price, I still give it 4 stars, because it’s still doing what it advertises. I think it’s probably worth it for Spark lovers to try this. I’ve never adored the feeling of energy powder, so it’s not as if Spark was always perfect for me.

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