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281 reviews for Morning Buzz Amazon Reviews

  1. Rich S Funk

    As Advertised…great energy output!I have been using this product for 10 days now and absolutely love it. If you have used Advocare before I would say this is very similar at half the price. My goal was to try and find an alternative to my daily (morning) soda intake and this has done a great job. I truly feel that my energy level has sustained through-out the day with no crash. I will for sure be a regular buyer of this moving forward. The one and only slight knock on the overall product is the lack of other flavors. From what I can see there is only fruit punch.

  2. JennyLuuuu

    I really like this energy drink. I really like this energy drink. It is not your traditional Red Bull or 5 hour energy though so don’t get it confused. This is actually good for you unlike the other caffeinated drinks. Morning buzz has tons of vitamins and nutrients and no sugar. So the first sip may not be what you expect but then it’s really good afterwards. This doesn’t taste like sugary kool aid folks. This is better for you!

  3. Amazon Verified Customer

    Works Great! Tastes Good! Works Great! Tastes Good!! I love that I get my vitamins and the fact that it has barely any calories or carbs most of all!! I feel good and not nervous or shaky. Helps me right after my lunch to keep me going steady for my day. Good buy, I am happy!!

  4. Leza

    Great product, great company! My initial order was delivered elsewhere but New Health was more than willing to send me a replacement. So I was excited to have received it. I just say…. it deserves all of the 5 stars it has gotten because it is a great product and taste good. (Fruit punch) I will try the orange flavor next time and hoping they will have more flavors soon! Great alternative to coffee! Or the bad energy drinks!

  5. Powte88

    Love it and it is now part of my daily routine! I absolutely love this stuff! The orange flavor is pleasant and if you mix it with coconut or almond milk it tastes like an Orange Julius, which is a delightful way to start the day. I love that it is like a multivitamin and an awesome energy boost all in one. I do not get jitters while using this, though it does have caffeine so I recommend a half serving when trying it for the first time, depending on how sensitive you are. I have used this in the morning to kick myself into gear and before work-outs. It’s actually replaced coffee for me, breaking a 20 year morning ritual. I usually have an energy slump in the afternoon, but have found that this sustains me well and there’s no crash. Love it and will be buying again.

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