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209 reviews for Heart Savior

  1. Bob W

    Oh My What a Change! 60 days ago I had a blood test and my cholesterol was at 303, triglycerides at 143 and LDL at 209, all bad numbers. After 60 days on Heart Savior with diet changes and increased exercise the results are in. Cholesterol 196 (a 107 point drop), triglycerides at 91 (52 point drop) and LDL at 113 (96 point drop). This is a massive change for the good.
    The doctor wanted me on statins and now I can say forget about it. Heart Savior is a winner!

  2. Bookluvr33

    Heart Savior Really Does Reduce Cholesterol! My husband swears by Heart Savior. It lowered his cholesterol to normal and keeps it there.

  3. P. hairston

    Brings cholesterol level down! I have been ordering this product for years for my sister who has high blood cholesterol and has a problem with taking statins. This has kept her blood cholesterol down better than any of the prescription medications. She has showed the bottle too her doctors and they told her to continue taking it since it seems to work for her.

  4. Kindle User

    This supplement is terrific! It has lowered my cholesterol when nothing else worked including diet, exercise, and my prescription med.
    Thank you very much!!

  5. ISO Serendipity

    Worked awesome in 30 days! Today I decided I’ll add a photo of the 3 test reports so anyone can see that I’m not just trying to promote a product. I had recommended this to another friend who also dropped his cholesterol by 50 points. As always I believe everything works differently for everyone but this is something worth a try for anyone with high cholesterol!!!

    3 month update
    After 3 months of taking Heart Savior I have excellent news. My total Cholesterol is down 55 points from 250 to 195!!
    My LDL down 54 points from 183 to 129!!
    In the same time frame my HDL or good cholesterol has seen a rise of 9 points from 47 to 56.
    I will obviously continue taking this and update when I next do my full blood work.

    Original review at 1 month
    I’ve been dodging having to take any statins my primary doctor wanted me to take with a dozen excuses the last few years but when my total cholesterol reading came at 250 in December I knew time was running out and so were excuses.
    After looking at multiple options I picked this out as a last resort and took it for 30 days. Considering I got this to me just before Christmas I never changed my diet but admittedly I have incorporated oat meal for breakfast plus have been adding flax and chia as well. During the 30 days I had plenty of eggs, bacon and ham a few days too.
    Last weekend I went for my follow up blood work and the results truly surprised me.
    My total cholesterol read 204! A drop of 46 points!
    While LDL and triglycerides dropped my HDL had gone up by 5 points to 53
    I plan to continue taking this another 2 months before another follow up exam and plan to update progress here. So far very happy with how it’s working out for me considering as with all food herbs drinks and medicine each of us will react differently.

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