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209 reviews for Heart Savior

  1. Diesel

    I like the ingredients! I have been taking this cholesterol supplement for many years now. My cholesterol values dropped to an acceptable level in the beginning, but I had to add to the dosage over time to get the same results and am now using max allowed. I am ‘maintaining’ the level but have not dropped any more over time. I still believe it is one of the better non-prescription drugs out there and feel comfortable with the ingredients.

  2. John W. Gannon

    Excellent product, especially for moderately elevated cholesterol levels. I have been using this product daily for the past 8 years & it has definitely lowered my LDL & TriglyceridesHigh to recommended levels. I separate the capsules & mix the ingredients with a light vanilla soy milk. The potential side effects from satins concerned me & I was able to avoid their use by taking Heart Savior.

  3. RMW

    Works for me–so far. I could not take the prescription cholesterol drugs because of the side effects. At my check-up in November, 2013 , my total cholesterol was 251. Dr. recommended a new drug– Welchol. I never took it. I had heard that red yeast rice might help so I found an over-the counter product– HeartSavior– which contains red yeast rice plus 4 other herbs. Started taking it after my November check-up and when I went for my March, 2014 check-up my cholesterol was down to 177. My Doctor did warned me that there were some reports or side effects with red yeast rice. None yet that I know of.

  4. P. Green

    I don’t like that I must take the capsules one half hour …I’m not sure of the effectiveness of this product. I don’t like that I must take the capsules one half hour before a meal because I have no set times for my meals. I frequently take it just prior to eating which may reduce its effectiveness.

  5. D B

    It is A Trial run! Hi I am trying out I would not know how it worked in two months when I get my blood work I will know. Can I take it any time of the day is Oatmeal food or it has to be a full meal. what happens if I take it without meal. Thanks Darayes

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