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209 reviews for Heart Savior

  1. Wil

    Like every married man! I tried many other cholesterol products with little improvement in my cholesterol level. Like every married man, I have a wife to please. With my high cholesterol it was very difficult to fulfill my obligation towards my wife. Whenever that moment came, my heart would skip a beat because I did not know if I would be up or down. But Heart Savior made a big difference. Now, my confidence is back with it comes to pleasing my wife. I cannot say that it will work for you, just like the other products I have tried work for others but not for me. Unless you try it, you will not know. This my third times ordering this product. It works. Thank you Heart Savior!

  2. BB

    Recommended. I had been taking a statin drug for years and experienced muscle cramping, pain and tiredness in my legs. I told my doctor I wanted to try Heart Savior and after about a week, my muscle cramps and pain disappeared and after 3 months, my cholesterol had dropped another 10 points. Have had no side effects. I would recommend this product!

  3. Daniel

    Have used for about 30 days & haven’t really noticed anything……maybe it’s an internal thing that you won’t notice but works over time??

  4. Geno Z

    If You Have High Cholesterol See a Doctor Before Wasting Your Money on This Product! I think this product is a waste of money. For people with serious cholesterol problems using this product without consulting with a doctor could put you at risk for serious cardiovascular disease. I wasted 10 months with this product when I should have been treating my high cholesterol with a prescription medication. My cholesterol levels have become worse.

    These comments are based on my experience with this product. Here is a summary of my experience:

    I started using this product on March 10, 2014. I used it every day as instructed until January 27, 2015. Here are my results:
    Total Cholesterol 03.04.2014: 285
    Total Cholesterol 01.27.2015: 276 (a small improvement)

    Triglyceride 03.04.2014: 251
    Triglyceride 01.27.2015: 374 (significantly worse)

    HDL 03.04.2014: 41
    HDL 01.27.2015: 36 (worse)

    Non HDL Cholesterol 03.04.2014: 244
    Non HDL Cholesterol 01.27-2015: 240 (no improvement)

    LDL 03.04.2014: 194
    LDL 01.27.2015: 165 (small improvement)

    VLDL 03.04.2014: Not provided
    VLDL 01.27.2015: 75 (normal should be 7-32]

    I run several half marathons per year. I am 61 years old. I run over 20 miles per week.

    After using this product every day for 10 months I expected better results. The only way I can reduce my cholesterol is with a prescription to a pharmaceutical medication like lipitor.

  5. Linda L Johnson

    I started taking this supplement about a 2 years ago because my cholesterol levels were a little too high. I took this supplement for 1 year and had my cholesterol rechecked and it dropped my levels significantly by over 50 points. I did not change my eating habits in any way because I eat fairly healthy for the most part. My doctor was very surprised at the significant improvement.

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