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209 reviews for Heart Savior

  1. Amazon Verified Customer

    Heart Savior has been very effective in helping to manage both my and my husband’s cholesterol.

  2. Marylou Ogle

    It is a good example for trying natural remedies first. This product is a godsend. It is a good example for trying natural remedies first. My cholesterol was over 300 in June. In August it was 237. All I did was take these as directed. Naturally I started reading labels in the grocery store faithfully. The only thing I changed was counting and keeping my cholesterol consumption below 200 per day. Wonderful product.

  3. U. Shaikh

    My cholesterol level was borderline. My physician gave me six months to get it under control. If in six months I still had cholesterol, then he was going to put me on regular medication. I asked my sister to help me. She was taking medication for cholesterol and she told me to use this product since it’s natural. I started using it. When I went back after six months to my doctor’s office and they checked for my cholesterol, it was normal. I’ve been using it since. I don’t feel any side effects and it has my symptoms under control. Please try this product before you start using prescription medications. This is all natural and you can stop using it anytime you want unlike the traditional medications.

  4. Dan from Arizona

    I use it daily as part of my good health regimen

  5. Amazon Verified Customer


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