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16 reviews for LipidShield

  1. M. Giles

    Lowered my cholesterol. Fantastic product and service! Lightning fast shipping & greet communication from this company. This is a reorder for me and I can tell you it definitely works. My doc told me that my CHOLESTEROL was a little higher than he’d like to see it. And I didn’t want to start taking prescription meds. So I did a little research and found this. It’s helped to lower my cholesterol numbers quite a bit over time. I’m on my third bottle and I will definitely be sticking with it. (November 20, 2017)

  2. Countryfied

    Benefits Worth the Cost. Normalized daughter’s cholesterol without upsetting her stomach which the prescription ‘statin’ medicine had done.

  3. Curt Mader

    This stuff works but isn’t cheap. This stuff worked for me and kept me from having to use prescription cholesterol lowering medication. Although it isn’t cheap it did help lower my cholesterol by 30 points after 6 months…

  4. Louise Uithoven

    Am able to keep my cholesterol within limits with this! Finally – I don’t have to keep buying expensive statin drugs!! This works and I only take one pill a day. I don’t remember what my levels were but they were within the range the Dr wanted! I’m very happy with this!

  5. Sandy

    A substitute for statins. So far so good. I can’t take statins, so this is helping with lowering my cholesterol levels. Causes no problems.

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