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27 reviews for Berry Blast Immune

  1. Amazon Customer

    Ok so I was using morning buzz for the past 2 years as an energy drink supplement that kept me away from drinking rockstars, it did a good job for the past 2 years but something isn’t right with this formula, originally I was hooked on blue raspberry and it suited me well but I noticed I was gaining weight the past 6 months, a wopping 15lbs of weight and my diet and exercise was the same, the last order I made was of this disgusting berry blast flavor, idk wtf is in it but I started to crash hard a few hours after drinking it and working out, a week into drinking this flavor I put it to the side and switched to instant coffee and literally my body went right back to being happy, no more crash and in the past week ive lost 3 lbs doing my same routine, something isn’t right with the product anymore.

  2. Amazon Customer

    Flavor isn’t bad with the Berry Blast, but you’ll have a lingering vitamin smell for a few hours. I took this and felt nauseated for a few hours after, cold sweats, mouth watering, the works. When the nausea finally went away, I had a headache for the rest of the day. Along with the headache I felt “foggy” or just plain out of it. I really wanted to like this stuff, but if I can’t return it, I’ll end up throwing it away.

  3. Evie

    I used spark for 5+ years and then switched to morning buzz because it was so comparable with half the cost. I used the fruit punch for 2+ years and recently noticed a change in the way it make me feel (nausea, headache, sluggish, blah). I had some labs done and changed some meds and still felt the same. Went on a trip and forgot my morning buzz! Went for days without it and felt like my old self 🤔. Came home and still was not convinced so ordered my next canister only to find out they must have discontinued the fruit punch 😭😡! Ordered the berry blast and it’s HORRIBLE I’m done with this product I will try something else until maybe they can get it together again 🤷‍♀️

  4. RM

    I really liked the fruit punch and orange flavor but this mixed berry is gross and it makes me feel sick about 20 min after I drink it. I have even thrown up so not sure what’s in that but I will not order it again.

  5. ACL2016

    Bought the berry flavor as the fruit punch (tastes just like spark from AdvoCare) was out of stock. The berry is absolutely gross. Tastes more like berry tea. I’m not a fan of tea. So we ordered orange instead and itson it’s way.. fingers crossed

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