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29 reviews for Blue Lemonade

  1. Ali C

    I bought this as a substitute for my regular morning Red Bull. It was a decent swap (hey nothing can touch Red Bull IMO). I use only half a scoop because I don’t want it too sweet, so it was sufficient with that amount. It has caffeine, taurine, and vitamins, and is nice to sip on getting ready in the morning. The blueberry lemonade flavor is nice.

  2. Julia

    This tastes great and gave me the energy I needed for my early morning run’s.It must have actual traces of fruit because I am allergic to raspberries and strawberries and I did get a reaction from this.I was bummed to not use it anymore because it tastes great and did a fantastic job giving me energy.

  3. A. Wall

    I was really primed to LOVE this. I have been a spark addict since 2012 and in an effort to save money I decided to give Morning Buzz a go. I was excited when I got it because the labels made it seem BETTER than spark because the vitamins and minerals were almost identical and Morning Buzz had MORE caffeine. I drank this for 15 day and then re-ordered my Spark. I’m giving it 3 stars because I did get energy from it, however, this product is NOT as good as spark. It came with a preservative packet inside, spark doesn’t. It taste is horrible, spark tastes good. This gave me an upset stomach and mild diarrhea, spark DOES NOT. Do yourself a favor…spend the extra money on Spark.

  4. Kristi H.

    Purchase monthly. Tastes great. Much less expensive then other products. Will keep buying.

  5. David McCoach

    Item is as described but the taste is not very good. Has a surgery bitter aftertaste so buyer be ware. I personally enjoy the orange one better.

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