Blue Raspberry

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90 reviews for Blue Raspberry

  1. Cody L.

    God stuff

  2. TS

    The flavor was pretty good. I hate the scoop. It was too wide for my water bottle causing blue power on my desk repeatedly. So then you put in tiny partial scoops and have no idea how much you have added. It cost enough they should make one that pours into a water bottle. Save your scoop from another brand! It’s the little things in life!

  3. Tabitha Beck

    This product had an awful smell and it made my chest hurt and the day afterwards I was really tired it had a really bad crash

  4. Emmahleigh

    this product had a really good flavor but honestly didn’t do anything to assist in my workouts. i tried it 4 times before i finally stopped using it and started looking for another item.

  5. Colleen Lampley-wenger

    Taste isn’t good. Was looking for a cheaper version of spark, but the taste isn’t there

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