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59 reviews for Tone Detox

  1. KF

    Impressed! I’ve been taking this for 7 days now. I only take one pill as of now, because I wasn’t sure how it would affect me. It’s made such a difference for me. I have digestive issues anyways, and this has help me. I don’t feel as bloated. I know in the morning after taking the pill I will wake up and “have to go” with no cramping or anything. I’ve lost two pounds as well, but I have been eating healthier for the last week too. For now, I will continue taking this and will update after a month.

  2. Amazon Verified Customer

    This is a great gentle way to do it. New year resolution clean up and organize, my body and gut included! This is a great gentle way to do it! It’s working for me, flushing out my system I like that it has cascara sagrada for colon cleanse and milk thistle clean and revitalize the liver! I take one cap at night with a big glass of water! It says on the bottle don’t take for more than 7 days so this bottle should last a while

  3. Steve

    Love IT!!! I have ordered and tried at least 10 different products claiming to do what this product does, this is the only one that has worked and continues to work. I will buy this product again. Love it!!!

  4. John Q Public

    Bloating after eating is gone. This product works. Great product. I always feel bloated after eating. I’ve tried to keep things light at meals, and even after quiting red meat for a while, i still had a bloated feeling. I’ve taken this now for a month and its made a big difference, I don’t get that feeling anymore after eating of being bloated.

  5. beachdayz

    Will keep this stuff handy! Good product! I’ve always had a hard time staying regular. And, like most people, traveling makes it worse. Took this on my last trip recently and I was happy that I didn’t get bad cramps and it worked gradually! Will keep this stuff handy!

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