This homemade blockage cure drink can reduce cholesterol levels naturally, recipe inside

Sipping this ginger, garlic and lemon drink daily can reduce cholesterol levels and BP

Stress, unhealthy eating habits, erratic sleep patterns and a disbalanced lifestyle can trigger several lifestyle diseases and ailments like diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiac diseases. But what if we tell you that consuming this one drink daily can reduce bad cholesterol, help in managing high blood pressure and promote weight loss. Well, this viral drink has stirred up the world of health enthusiasts with the too-good-to-be true claims of improving heart health and reducing LDL levels naturally. Let’s find out whether this drink is worth a try!

​Is lemon, ginger and garlic drinks worth a try?

Loaded with antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, this drink is also known as the blockage cure. This is because ginger, garlic and lemon are packed with natural components that help in reducing body fat, helps unclogging the arteries, reduces LDL levels and helps in improving respiratory health and treats skin infection. Lastly, lemon is a good source of vitamin C and citric acid, which helps in weight loss, boosts immunity and helps in cell regeneration.

​How to make lemon, ginger and garlic drink

To make this simple recipe, take a vessel and add 5 cups of water, 3 inch ginger root, 4 garlic cloves and boil it nicely.

Next, turn off the flame and add juice of three medium sized lemons.

Store this drink and mix it with honey and enjoy it warm.

Note: You can also add apple cider vinegar to this drink.

​In a nutshell

This drink can be consumed before lunch or dinner, but it is not the only way to reduce LDL levels and cholesterol levels. It is best to seek medical guidance before blindly following any such remedy. This drink works well only when it is paired with a healthy diet, exercise and balanced lifestyle.


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