Why Should You Work On Lowering Cholesterol?

If you have ever been on a diet you’ll know that it’s all about changing your habits.  If you have chocolate each night or you always have a biscuit with your tea or coffee, you know you have to change those habits to make a difference to your weight.  The task of lowering cholesterol works in exactly the same way.  If you continue doing everything you are doing now, your cholesterol levels will not magically reduce.  And there are some good reasons why you would want to reduce them too.

Cholesterol is something you can’t see.  But we all have it – and some of us have higher levels of it than others.  It’s the stuff that is responsible for clogging up our arteries and making it more difficult for blood to get around the body.  Think of it like cars on a motorway.  If there aren’t too many cars the motorway runs smoothly.  But if more cars start to build up, it takes longer for them to get to where they are going.  And if there are lots of them, they can all grind to a halt and cause a traffic jam.

The so called bad cholesterol – otherwise known as LDL or low density lipoprotein – is just like those cars.  We want to keep them moving as efficiently as possible by keeping their numbers down.  If we don’t do this we will end up damaging our health.  Possible consequences of not lowering cholesterol so that it is at safe limits include heart attacks and strokes, so you can see it is worth doing everything you can to reduce those levels.

And the sooner you start working towards this goal, the better you will be.  There are a number of ways you can do this, and the best bet is to combine them all.  Taking regular exercise is one good way to help get you moving and to have a positive effect on the cholesterol levels in your body.  You should combine this with a good diet to ensure you are eating things which are known to reduce your cholesterol.  Good examples would be oat bran and oily fish.

But aside from this there are other lesser known items that can have a marked effect on reducing your cholesterol levels.  For instance food items such as liver contain coenzyme Q10, which has been proven to be good for the human body.  It has been discovered that those people with heart trouble or other major diseases have lower levels of this enzyme.  Eating liver and kidneys will help boost your levels, but not as much as taking a supplement especially designed for combating cholesterol in the body.

You can see that tackling your cholesterol levels is essential if you want to stay healthy throughout your life.  Focus on leading a better lifestyle and add in a supplement to boost your chances of lowering cholesterol.  You can then look forward to lower levels of the bad LDL cholesterol the next time you are checked.

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